December 20, 2007

Canton, Ohio Police Department Taser Death Cover Up.

While watching the press conference of law enforcement agents announcing that missing mom Jessie Davis’ body had been found and that officer Bobby Cutts, Jr. had been taken into custody, I was troubled by the tone of the statements made by Canton police chief Dean McKimm. Instead of providing details specifically related to the investigation, McKimm went off into a 4-5 minute speech which seemed to be aimed at heading off future criticism of his police department.

Most troubling was his statement that he hopes “people of this community and those across the nation not be so quick to judge and law enforcement agency by the isolated acts of a ‘rogue officer’”. McKimm also reflected that he worried that the Bobby Cutts situation “has resulted in giving our department a ‘black eye’ in the opinion of the local community”. After looking back at some of the past happenings in the police department under Dean McKimm, Bobby Cutts, Jr. is not the only reason the Canton police department would have a “black eye” in the community.

McKimm has come under fire earlier for perceptions that “rogue officers” are treated lightly in his department, and Bobby Cutts, Jr. was one of several who’ve been reinstated after being accused of wrongdoing. McKimm’s statements at the nationally-televised press conference suggests to me that his past problems with his department’s tainted image could have very well played a part in the decision to arrest Bobby Cutts, Jr. and call him a “rogue officer” while still asking for tips into the apparent murder.

In the past, his department faced protests after causing the death of an unarmed man (pictured on the t-shirts of the protesters) who was Tasered, beaten, and later died at the hospital. McKimm’s police department has also been accused (and subsequently cleared) of meting out harsher punishment to its Black police officers.

I think McKimm’s preoccupation with dealing with “rogue officers” could possibly come back to haunt him as the Bobby Cutts, Jr. trial gets under way, and I’m sure defense attorneys will probably revisit his press conference statements when the decision to immediately place Cutts under arrest comes under scrutiny.

CANTON -- Canton Police Chief Dean McKimm says two officers were suspended because they hit and kicked a suspect in custody not because the officers used a stun gun him.

A video released by police shows officer Eric Stanbro hitting Shawn Pirolozzi while he struggled, handcuffed and bleeding. The same video shows officer William Guthrie kick Pirolozzi.

Police say Pirolozzi jumped from a second story window and ran through traffic before he was shocked with a Taser gun and subdued. Pirolozzi died after being taken to a hospital following his arrest June 13th.

McKimm says the two officers have been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation. The Stark County coroner has not yet determined Pirolozzi’s cause of death. ( Uhmmm Do You Think Maybe it was the thousands of volts of electricity that went threw his body? )

The Canton police union says the officers responded appropriately. ( Sure They Responded The Way They Were Taught In Ohio's Police State Of tyranny. )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this the Canton Police Department is a very dirty organization. The truth about the whole deparment needs to come out along with the Mayor's office and city council which turns a blind eye on events. Does any stand for honesty and doing the right thing anymore?

Tony Maritn

Jayndee13 said...

I was wrongfully arrested by an officer who was previously fired for police misconduct. He was reinstated by his union. I think this police chief is covering up. Internal affairs response to my complaint, officer acted within police department guidelines. Apparently the Canton, OHIO police department works OUTSIDE of the United States Constitution. I had 4 of my constitutional rights violiated by the police officer and then by the judge who found me guilty of the lowest possible thing they could get me for. I was in bed with the flu they knock on my door and get me out of bed and don't like what I have to say and arrest me for talking.

I have never been arrested previously and I have been in the financial services field for over 15 years. I would not jeopardize my livelihood for anything, but they don't see it like that, and for the judge to find me guilty showed me she know a lawsuit is coming. When the appeal is won, I'm going to hit Canton Ohio with everything I got, then move back to New York so I can be with sane people.

furious mom in canton said...

My minor child was arrested last week for cutting through a feild late a night. now even though he was wrong for being out after curfew Three of the canton police departments officers decided to use their taser gun on my child twice causing him to fall adn sustain massive injuries to his face. At which point while he was convusling on the ground they charged him with resisting becuase he could not hold his hands still to be handcuffed. then the officers took my child to the hospital for medical care becuase of his convuclions and I was NEVER notified of this. When i got a call 6 hours later from the juvinile cetner I was STILL NOT notified my son was injuried or this had happened. When i got to court the next day i saw his face and then was told what has transpired. I am furious with canton's police department. How it this legal to use this kind of force against a child and then regardless of what the crime is the parent is NOT notified thier child is injured. Sounds like they didnt want me to know however the injuries to his face tell all. I have been in Canton Ohio for 3 years now and this is the absolute most horrible place i have ever lived. Something has to be done about the police here. Not only does my suffer from sezuires that taser could of killed him. even after a few days my child is still disorientated and having minor issues from the effect of this incident. I am appalled and furious with the canton police department for what i see to be as outright police brutality. OH just for FYI My son is mixed..... looks very hispanic/black and the three officers were all white and huge men. My son might weigh 130 pounds. hmmmmm makes you wonder?

Anonymous said...

Im very close to the family of the man that the canton police officers tasered and killed. Justice still hasn't gotten served and also his cause of death wasnt caused by the taser it was "ecited delirium". (Thats what the death certificate says but we know otherwise!!!!!)There's no way that was the cause of death he had no drugs in his system!