December 28, 2007

Democrats And Republicans Not Doing The Will Of The American People - Two Sides Of Same Coin

I'm going to tell you the truth, and that is if Ron Paul does not win the Republican nomination and does not decide to run with another party to try to win, their is no choice for the Presidential Election of 2008. All the other candidates are controlled by the New World Order. The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. Iraq is the perfect example of this. The will of the American people was not carried out by the Democrats elected to congress to stop the war in Iraq. Instead the Democrats kept the War in Iraq along the same failing course. The Democrats betrayed the American people. Death to The New World Order!

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Anonymous said...

The American people have to come out and start a 3rd political party, not listen to what Democrats and Republicans say or do. Each state has to unite and stand against the Federal Government, not listen to what it has to say. Citizens must not be afraid to learn gun safety and responsibly own their own guns (Hitler disarmed the civilians in Germany first before WWII). Police and military personnel must stand with the people as a family, knowing that their Government has been taken over by leaders with pure evil intent. An anti-mason party must be formed. We cannot allow politicians like Hillary to say our salaries should go towards paying for a "social healthcare" that the US Government has already allowed to be too expensive in the first place, in order to fund the massively large illegal immigration which the US Government has allowed to happen easily, thereby making California the very first Communist policing state in America. We must not listen to films like Zeitgeist which propels to educate us, but is a propaganda for the anti-christ movement and egyptian deity worship. Zeitgeist fails to mention that the bible has predicted everything that will happen in this day, such as rfid verichip implant (mark of the beast). people must remember we have a president who has been trained to masterly express and play with emotions to sway our way of thinking. he is a manipulator of the masses. if we want to restore middle class, we must seize and abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve, redistribute all of its assets and wealth back to the American people, before returning to an Independent Free Democratic Capitalist society.