December 1, 2007

Masonic Symbols Used inside William Mckinley Monument

The William Mckinley Monument located in Canton, Ohio is full of Masonic symbols in its architecture. This is not a surprise to some who know that William Mckinley was a high level Mason. The Monument itself uses Roman, Egyptian and Greek architecture designs. The Dome is a example of a Roman design. Here is some information concerning Domes. Some examples of Egyptian design is the fact Mckinley is buried in a tomb honoring him. The Egyptians buried their Pharoahs in tombs. Another example of Egyptian design is the lions heads located on Mckinley and his Wife's burial vault on each corner. Some examples of Greek designs is the fact the monument is white along with the two sculptures of Acacia on the front of the monument. The point I'm trying to make here is the Masons use the cultures of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews in their secret society and is portrayed in this monument to honor a high level Mason.

The Acacia on the front of the monument is a symbol used by Masons to represent immortality after death which is used in their rituals. The most noteworthy symbol in the monument is the fasces used on the inside above the entranceway hidden in the architecture. The fasces was used on the Italian flag during the reign of dictator Benito Mussolini and is a Fascist symbol. So the question is why is it used in the William Mckinley monument if this is suppose to be a free nation? Click here to see other examples of the fasces being used. The Masons use the Fasces symbol and they put this symbol in the monument. Another symbol is the Rose symbols on the doors of the monument which show Rosicrucian involvement in William Mckinley's life. The Rosicrucian's are similar to Freemasonry. The Mason's gave William Mckinley a burial wreath and is still at the monument today right when you walk threw the entrance. It says Brother William Mckinley with Masonic Square and compass symbol on the plaque. It goes on to show all the Masonic lodges William Mckinley belonged to. Some of the chapters of masonry that he belonged to surprised me when I was there here they are. Order Of The Red Cross, Knights Of Malta, and Order Of The Temple. Although I'm uncertain how high of degree William Mckinley was he was definitely involved in a evil secret society while President which may have lead up to his murder. The Monument along with its surroundings create the shape of a cross and sword from the sky. To see evidence of this go to Google Earth and view the monument and see the sword. The sword is a Masonic symbol also.

The star Sirius is a very important symbol to Masons. They use the star in their temples threw out the world. It is often called the dog star or blazing star. Click here to read David Ovason's book Secret Architecture Of Our Nation's Capital and read his explanation of why Mason's use the star sirius as one of their important symbols. The star sirius is located in the ceiling of the monument dome in a stained glass. Here is a picture of the Sirius symbol. President John Quincy Adams who opposed Masonry had this to say about Freemasons. "Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong a seed of evil, which can never produce any good."

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