December 1, 2007

S.K.I.P. Of Stark County Parallels Masonic Child ID Program

S.K.I.P. (Safe Kids Identification Program) is operating in Stark County, Ohio. The program is sold to parents as a way to reduce the time it takes to give information to the agency investigating a child disappearance. How the program works is a kit is given to the parents. Inside the kit contains a disk that is inserted in their $2400 computer. They take a picture of the child, take the child's fingerprint, as well as inputting personal information such as parent's name, phone number to home, work, cell, they ask for child's blood type, nicknames, dentist name and phone number and save it to the disk. Also, in each kit is a cotton swab to take DNA samples of the child via their cheek and a envelope to take hair samples. In their pamphlet it says no information is saved on their computer or any server, according to them ONLY the parent has the data. Why do they use a $2400 computer to do simple things that an inexpensive home computer or laptop can do? Although I can't prove it, it is safe to say that the information is saved on their computers and uploaded to the Feds to fulfill the database they are so desperately seeking to obtain from every American in the name of Terrorism. What better way to get this information than to get it voluntarily from parents stating it's all for the safety of their children? But leaving this point aside, the F.B.I. endorsed the program which tells me they are getting Federal funding for the program most likely. Some of the other groups endorsing the program are: The Rotary Club of Canton; Stark Sheriff's Department; Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority; Time Warner Cable; Stark County Police Chiefs Association; City Of Canton; Canton City Schools; and Canton City Health Department. The problem is our government can not be trusted. You don't need this program to get your child's information. A parent can do the same thing that the program offers at home on their own computer or with a recent picture and some good old fashioned handwriting. Then they would be sure that no one gets the personal information of the child and parents, but the program fails to tell parents this.

The S.K.I.P. program parallels another program that I recently discovered. The Masonic Child ID Program called (MyChip) or the Masonic Youth Child Identification Program. Some of the things their program does are: videotape of the child, fingerprint, tooth print, and a cheek swab for DNA. Their program also states no one gets the information but the parents. If you don't believe their program exists check their website out at and read it for yourself. I believe strongly that the Mason's are calling this "MyChip" because it is the next step to an implantable microchip to keep kids safe.

The Freemasons are a secret brotherhood who secretly worship Satan as a god and run almost everything in our government system. Do some research on the Freemasons to see just how sinister and evil they really are. To help you do this visit and get informed.

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