December 1, 2007

USIS Gets $92 Million From DOD and Homeland Security.

USIS Gets $92 Million From DOD and Homeland Security. Giving them the lead in the New World Order Police State. USIS is invested heavily by the Carlyle Group. George Bush Senior was a former adviser to them and George Bush junior was on their board of directors until 1992. Former Secretary of State James Baker was senior counselor with the Carlyle Group. George Bush's vacation buddy Bill Clinton gave USIS all its power by giving it private company status in 1996 and permitting it to carry out its job for the U.S. government with powers unchecked. USIS is doing a power grab like no other agency government or private. They are behind all drug testing investigations for employment drug screening. They are putting their evil hand in the trucking industry making big databases on truck drivers driving records. Now no companies look at there MVR through the state as much as they are looking at what USIS has to say about them. USIS is also involved in secret security clearances for the government. So a criminal agency is giving people secret security clearances scary isn't it. They are also doing credit checks on people on job applications to tell employers if you have been a good boy or girl to see if you pay your bills on time, so jobs may not hire you if you did not, how nice of them. Here is a weird reference to James Garfield's death off there website bragging about him being murdered. "When President James A. Garfield decided in 1881 that federal positions should be awarded by merit, and not according to political patronage, he sealed his fate. He was assassinated by Charles Guiteau, in an act of vengeance when Guiteau hadn't received the government position he expected for his support of Garfield." Well hiring because of Merit is how government is suppose to award jobs. Political patronage is one of the problems with our election system. Candidates are conformed to the views of the party and not standing up for what they personally believe in to be right and just. People strictly vote on party lines instead of looking at the candidates themselves to see who is right for the job. I think it is weird that the Civil Service Commission was formed right after James Garfield's murder. The Civil Service Commission was the old USIS. Of course now its way more evil and sinister. This story really got to me which proves USIS is a New World Order leader who must be stopped to preserve our freedoms under the Constitution. Read this article about Col. Theodore S. Westhusing suicide in Iraq. The death of Col. Theodore S. Westhusing needs another investigation.

Death To The New World Order,

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