January 11, 2008

Cashless Society Sold To America In The Name Of Convenience

By Michael Difensore

The Cashless Society is being sold to the American people in the name of convenience. The Debit card was a major step towards a cashless society. It was offered to people by banks in the name of convenience. By connecting a persons bank account to the debit card a person no longer needs cash to buy items. This was very convenient and the idea caught on across the United States. Now people use their debit cards as credit to buy almost everything. The invention of the credit card of course really started the move towards a cashless society and the debit card took it to another level. Credit cards and debit cards will be done away with when America goes cashless.

The creation of Direct Deposit was also a major step towards a cashless society. What started out as another option to receive a pay check turned mandatory by most employers. This was first sold as convenience to the American people and currently the idea of picking up a pay check at work is considered old school by most people. For Example the U.S. Army will only pay soldiers if they have a bank account so their paycheck can be direct deposited. Direct Deposit is mandatory.

Self check out is some what new and is another step to a cashless society. While most people I have noticed still like to check out with a cashier it is much more convenient to not wait in long check out lines and go to the empty self check out line. Because of self check out companies no longer have more than one or two cashiers at one time working. This causes long lines when its time to check out. Some of the companies I know of using self check out systems are Home Depot, Giant Eagle, and Walmart. Companies are saving money using self checkout by not paying cashiers hourly wages making this system convenient for corporations as well.

Automatic withdrawal to pay monthly bills is also somewhat new and is another step to a cashless society. Almost every bill a person pays now days has a option to do automatic withdrawal to pay it. Some companies only offer automatic withdrawal. Some examples of mandatory automatic withdrawal are Blockbuster video online and Sirius Satellite Radio. Automatic withdrawal must exist to have a cashless society.

Internet Banking was another step to go cashless. Why go to the bank to do your banking needs when its convenient to stay home and get on the internet. It also saved banks money in bank teller wages payed out. The more Americans use internet banking the less bank tellers are needed to work at the bank. In a cashless society their will not be bank tellers.

Americans need to understand that convenience is not always the right reason to do something. The idea of using implantable micro chips is the way this nightmare cashless society is going to become reality. Verichip one of the first companies to design a implantable microchip under the skin has become more popular across America. It first was sold to the medical field as a way to put a persons medical record on a microchip so a hospital could scan the chip and get the patients medical records faster. Now the implantable microchips are being used in other fields as well.

The Bible talks about a cashless society in the book of Revelation. This verse is from the Old King James version. "And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or name of the beast, or the number of his name." Revelation chapter 13 verse 17. Is the implantable microchip the mark of the beast? Even if the chip is not the mark of the beast it is still evil and I don't want it.

Watch The New World Order Sell The Chip.

Banks charging fees to use the atm to withdrawal cash is another example of forcing the public to go cashless. U.S. Bank charges a fee if you use the atm to withdrawal cash more than a specified number of times a month.

Treasury Plans Social Security Debit Card:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department is set to offer a prepaid debit card for Social Security recipients, and has chosen Dallas-based Comerica Bank as the card issuer, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The report said the card is targeted at Social Security and Supplemental Security Income recipients who don't have bank accounts, and is also aimed at providing cheaper and more secure payments by shifting away from paper checks.

Comerica Bank is a subsidiary of Comerica Inc.

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