February 9, 2008

Hitlery Clinton Uses American Flag With Inverted Satanic Stars During New Hampshire Primary

January 21, 2008
During the New Hampshire primary, Hillary gives a speech to her constituants. Take a look at the stars on the US flag. Does this look normal to you? If you notice the stars are pointed downward. I wonder if anyone else noticed this? Just like the Nazis in Germany, they believed that they could get power from using occult symbols. Is Hillary doing this to empower the dark powers of the univerise to her side during this election. I know this sounds crazy, but it is NOT what you believe…It is what people in high places of power believe. Just look at history


Anonymous said...

You people are NUTS. I was their in New Hampshire. You don't know what the hell you're talking about!

Anonymous said...

OIC you have to approve comments. Good way to make sure only the things YOU want gets posted...lol what a joke