February 11, 2008

Stark County Ohio Sheriff Tim Swanson Says His Deputies Behaved In A Professional Manor During Strip Search

CANTON -- Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson formally requested the Ohio Attorney General to investigate the arrest and incarceration of Hope Steffey of Stark county.
The request follows an exclusive Tom Meyer investigation which first aired Thursday, January 31st. Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann says his office is willing and prepared to conduct a full investigation.

The Sheriff in Cuyahoga County, Gerald McFaul, responded for the first time to Channel 3's investigation. He called the conduct by Stark County sheriff deputies "way out of line." McFaul went on to say that male deputies should never forcibly remove the clothes of a female.
Steffey, 41, was stripped of all her clothes and left naked in a jail cell for 6 hours. Sheriff Swanson said in a written statement that he reviewed the case and "feels comfortable that(my)deputies performed their rather unpleasant tasks in this incident in a professional manner that is consistent with the requirements of the law. However, an outside, objective review of our actions is always welcome and necessary to maintain the public's trust in this office."

Steffey had someone call the Sheriff when she was assaulted by a cousin and injured. A deputy decided to bring Steffey to the Stark County jail to answer questions. Shortly after her arrival, she says she was stripped searched by both men and women employees. Steffey has sued the Sheriff, accusing deputies of using excessive and brutal force.

The Stark County Sheriff says his office will coopeate fully with the Ohio Attorney General's investigation.

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Tim Swanson is a shitbag who needs his ass beaten.