March 24, 2008

Donkey And Elephants: Globalism Is The Elite’s Answer To Our Problems

Edward Peters
Daily Titan
March 20, 2008

Whether it’s the war on terror abroad for democracy’s preservation or trade among other nations guised under the mantle of “free trade,” or even “illegal immigration,” the underlying, prevalent principle is globalism.

This unprecedented, enthroning ideology stands as the new face of rule worldwide.

Under one flag, currency and leader, the peoples of the world will forcefully be united under a common banner.

What must be understood is this: though different rhetoric and propaganda is used in different instances, the basic method behind toppling and replacing regimes abroad is best understood by comprehending the ideals of the globalist elite.

This evil, severe approach greatly damages America’s own constitutional republic because globalism undermines both sovereignty and so-called democracy.

What’s to come in the future is an America no more.

Speaking on “Larry King Live” awhile back, former Mexican President Vicente Fox confirmed very enthusiastically the coming merger between Mexico, America and Canada.

He was quick to confirm that he and President Bush had already “agreed” to create a common currency, the Amero, and that a North American Union is inevitable. Just east of Austin, Texas, the Trans-Nafta Highway is being constructed that will stretch from Southern Mexico through the U.S., ending in Northern Canada.

This is not all the American president had in plan.

Since the attacks of 9/11, Bush took on a “crusade” against evil, quite possibly seeing himself fulfilling the very prophecy he believed in. Early on in his terror campaign, the president had the view that “this war would be fought on many fronts” and that we were to “rout terror wherever it exists.”

The implication is clear - Every last terrorist on the face of this earth is to be taken out until there is no more terrorism to threaten us, and so the world would finally be terror-free.

And so would begin the globalist movement.

With an everlasting war, the ruling elite would have the support of a terrified population begging for security, even if that meant giving up personal liberties.

Through this everlasting turmoil, the ruling elite is able to offer up its own personal solution. And through rhetoric and propaganda, they will have successfully united the globe against a common enemy.

Soon, globalism will be the answer behind every problem.

Want to eliminate illegal drug and arms sales? Destroy the common currency and use plastic money provided by the globalists instead.

Want to deter illegal immigration? Destroy all borders and unite the peoples of the world under one rule.

They have systematically created chaos in order to establish an iron rule. Though it seems they have benign solutions to every problem, the reality is much worse.

Throughout history, man has wanted nothing more than absolute power, even if that meant manipulating the common man.

There is no way better to maintain and enforce absolute power than through a common rule - globalism.

This dark curtain of global dominance is the destroyer of sovereignty.

Soon, the United States of America will be no more, inevitably paving way for the “United Nations of the World,” a predetermined fact of history that sadly, will enforce globalism on all.

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