March 15, 2008

Former President Bill Clinton Admits He Was A Bilderberg Group Puppet

CantonTruth Analysis:

Bill Clinton said Vernon Jordan invited him to the Bilderberg Group in 1991. Is it just a coincidence he was made President in 1992? I think not. Vernon Jordan a friend and adviser to Bill Clinton, served as part of Clinton's transition team in 1992-1993, shortly after he was elected President. Jordan told the media how he helped Lewinski, a former White House intern, after she left the White House. On October 1, 2003, a United States court of appeals rejected Jordan's claim for reimbursement for legal services regarding Clinton's involvement with Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. Jordan asked the government to pay him $302,719, but was paid only $1,215.

Jordan is Senior Managing Director with Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, an investment banking firm and sub company of Lazard Brothers Bank Of Paris part owner of the U.S. Federal Reserve. From January 2000 to the present. He is also currently a member of the board of directors of multiple corporations, including American Express, J.C. Penny Corporation, Xerox, Asbury Automotive Group and the Dow Jones & Company. He is formerly a member of the board of directors of Revlon, Sara Lee, Corning and RJR Nabisco during 1989 leveraged buy-out fight between RJR Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson and Henry R. Kravis and his company KKR. In 2004, Jordan led debate preparation and negotiation efforts on behalf of John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for President. Jordan is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2005, he attended the annual Bilderberg Meeting. In 2006, Jordan served as a member of the Iraq Study Group, which was formed to make recommendations on the U.S. policy in Iraq.

Owners of the Federal Reserve:

1) Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

2) Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

3) Israel Moses Sieff Bank of Italy

4) Warburg Batiks of Hamburg and Amsterdam

5) Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

6) Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

7) Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (controlled by the Rockefellers)

8) Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

David Edwards and John Byrne
Raw Story
March 13, 2008

Campaigning for his wife in Erie, Pennsylvania, Bill Clinton returned fire at a heckler who began shouting about the former president’s attendance at a 1991 invitation- only conference of wealthy powerbrokers — "1991 Bilderberg" — implying that discussion there led to unfair trade policy such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

As the audience booed, Clinton replied: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… This is the deal folks. All these folks that are paranoid at the world folks, come and scream at me everywhere. You said you would go if I answered the question, right? You said you would go if I answered the question…"

"All right, here’s the answer. I happened to be in Europe then on my way to Russia I was invited to go to Bilderberg by Vernon Jordan, a friend of mine and a genuine hero of the civil rights movement. And to the best of my knowledge NAFTA was not discussed by anybody in my presence. I happened to be on my way to Europe where people do not give a rip about NAFTA.

"Number two, okay. Number two. I tried to get labor and environmental standards in the agreement but I couldn’t because it was all negotiated when I got there.

"Number three. When I was president, we enforced our trade laws five times as much as the Bush Administration did… Family incomes went up $7,500 a year when I was president, they’re down $1,000 now. So I was not… I had a very good time talking to those Europeans about European affairs and what was going to happen to Russia but I was not somehow polluted by it into sacrificing America’s economic interests. America did a lot better when I was president than they did in this decade. And that’s the truth. Now. Goodbye. Thank you."

This video is from, broadcast March 12, 2008.

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