March 29, 2008

Freemason Worshipful Brother Jose Diaz Teaches Students At OSU About Freemasonry In Freshman Seminar Course

From The Beacon

Worshipful Brother Jose Diaz, a Past Master of York Lodge #563
and an Associate Professor of History, is currently teaching
a freshman seminar course entitled, “From National Treasure to The Da Vinci Code: Freemasons, Fact, and Fiction” at The Ohio State University.
“I was really surprised by the number of students who wanted
to take the class,” said Diaz. “At one point, this class had the
longest waiting list of any at OSU. I will teach it again in the Spring quarter, and I already
have 10 students enrolled.” The course syllabus states that by
the end of the seminar, students will be able to:

• Understand the origins and
history of Freemasonry
• Understand Freemasonry’s role
in American popular culture
• Search and locate information
resources that are helpful in
conducting more advanced
research in Freemasonry and
other fraternal orders
• Understand arguments for and
against Freemasonry

The course will meet once a week for nine weeks. Each week
will focus on a different topic. The three main textbooks for
the course are S. Brent Morris’ The Complete Idiot’s Guide
to Freemasonry, Christopher Hodapp’s Freemasons for
Dummies, and Mark Tabbert’s American Freemasons.
Worshipful Brother Diaz will take his class on a tour of the Grand
Lodge Museum in Worthington and will conclude the 9th week
with a viewing of the Stonecutters
episode of “The Simpsons.”

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