March 24, 2008

Germany Plans Huge Pyramid For The Dead?

Tristana Moore
BBC News
March 18, 2008

Editor’s Note: No word if this Mystery School monstrosity will be built by slaves or if members of the elite will stand atop the All Seeing Eye in the capstone and gaze out over their domain.

It sounds like an absurd idea. The plan is to build a massive pyramid, filled with human remains, on a windswept field near the city of Dessau, eastern Germany.

But the organisers of the project are adamant that this is not a PR stunt. There were pyramids in ancient Egypt, so why not in modern-day Germany, they argue.

“We’re doing this because the world wants it,” said Jens Thiel, one of the initiators of the project.

“The new Great Pyramid would be a very efficient cemetery. It would have a huge capacity. A 150m-high pyramid could contain five million stones, it would be the size of six football fields and millions of people could be buried there.”

Mr Thiel, an economist, has teamed up with a writer, Ingo Niermann, to develop the project and they have managed to secure a government grant.

They say more than 700 people from all over the world have already reserved a stone, keen to have their ashes kept in the giant structure.

In the future, these people will be able to buy a stone, which would cost up to 700 euros (£535; $1,070) each.

“Lots of people don’t like normal cemeteries. In Britain, 50% of people want their ashes to be scattered, in the US it is about 40%,” said Mr Thiel.

“The new Great Pyramid is a global monument. It’s the first cemetery for people of all nationalities and all religious beliefs. It is a very beautiful, peaceful idea.”

Each concrete block would house an urn containing ashes, or memorabilia of the deceased.

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