March 15, 2008

U.S. Postal Service Used Nazi Stamp In 2002

“Now even US postage stamps will project the supremacy of American Imperial Power into the world. The 57-cent stamp from 2002 shows an eagle, which is copy of the symbol of the Waffen SS , which in turn was taken from the Imperial Praetorian eagle of Ancient Rome. This is one of the first in a new series of postage stamps being released by the US Post Office to commemorate the New Age of State Power. […]

The stamp portrays an eagle resting on triple-perched pediments. It's a beautifully executed design, if one wants to portray State Power. This eagle is man's most ancient and recognizable symbol of State Power. The seven pediments on the eagle's chevron shaped breastplate represent the seven hills of Rome. The three Ionic columned perch represents Order, Discipline and Obedience, which was the pledge undertaken by the Obsidian Order.

Any philatelist would recognize this eagle and any numismatist, who collects Third Reich or Caesarian coins, would also know it. This iconography is not original with the Third Reich, of course, since they borrowed it from the ancient Romans.

The symbolism is stark. The Germans also duplicated it during the time of the monarchy in the 18th century. During the subsequent reign of the House of Hohenzolleren, you'd see many flags with the expression: Ruhe, Ordnung und Sichheit (Calm, Order and Security).

The eagle then is not only a symbol of imperial power, but of the unity of the State. As long as the State remains unified under the symbol of Imperial State Power, then Calm, Order, Security, Discipline and Obedience will prevail. It took the Romans centuries to squash out dissent. This is a sublime warning for the people to be united under one banner, and that banner is the imperial power of the State. In Ancient Rome, it constituted a warning to any dissidents.

To get back to the design, the eagle is perched on the famed triple Ionic column, which was the symbol of the much feared and dreaded Obsidian Order of the Imperial Praetorian Guard, also called the Black Order. Obsidian is a very hard lustrous black stone that has been used for thousands of years.

In Ancient Rome, the Obsidian Order was the most elite of the elite Praetorian Guard, containing Caesar's assassins. They specialized in liquidating dissidents… The Obsidian Order was the group, which quietly liquidated those who dissented and any who threatened to tell the truth.”

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