April 7, 2008

Bush Defends NAFTA As A “Positive Development”

La Opinion
March 15, 2008

WASHINGTON — In a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President Bush gave an impassioned plea in favor of NAFTA, in response to criticisms of the trade agreement by Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, La Opinion reports. “I know there are many criticisms of NAFTA, but the treaty has worked,” said Bush, adding that the “transformation is noticeable because both sides have benefited.” The President said that the economies of the 3 signatories to NAFTA-Canada, Mexico and the U.S.- have grown by 50%. Mexico has seen anti-NAFTA marches by thousands of people protesting the high price of corn, beans and products derived from sugar and milk. January 1st saw lowered tariffs in the agricultural markets for these staples of the Mexican diet.

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