May 10, 2008

U.S. Government Is Not U.S. Government And The First Step To Get America Back

By Michael Difensore

The U.S. Government Is Not the U.S. Government. This government does not even follow the U.S. Constitution. The real U.S. government is a shadow government called the Council On Foreign Relations who have about 4,000 members. These people are working toward setting up a North American Union similar to the European Union. The U.S. congress runs nothing because the people of the United States have been asleep at the wheel longer than I have been alive. This government is suppose to be a Representative Republic but is more like the Nazi's. The general public has lost all its power to hold government accountable under the current system. Don't ever expect the Democrat or Republican parties to save you. That is just a sham for the people of the United States to believe in. Their is no difference between parties. The parties are controlled by the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Most of the Council Of Foreign Relations Members are also members of multiple secret societies specifically Freemasonry.

To get America's Constitutional government back is a large task but never impossible. First the general public need to agree that their is no hope with the Democratic and Republican parties. The only way to get the general public to see their is no hope, is the current information war the patriot movement has initiated against the corporate controlled media to educate them about what the government is doing that is unconstitutional. Once the general public stops being distracted with sports, video games, TV, etc they will begin to question their government. Once the attitude of America changes and becomes educated on what the problems are, fixing the problems become very easy. Its called you throw the bastards out and start over. America has to get over the false reality of the Democrat and Republican party. Their is no difference between the two parties. Imagine America with no political parties and no political platforms. Political parties are socialist and need to be gotten rid of. Once the political parties are gone true freedom for America will begin and will grow. The American people need to get the power back in their hands from the Globalist traitors currently in power the Democrats and Republicans.

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agreed. so...who wants to start?