August 4, 2008

Ohio Department Of Health Fear Mongers A Pandemic Flu Outbreak

By Michael Difensore

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The Ohio Department of Health is running ads on television and radio fear mongering about a pandemic flu outbreak they say will happen. On their website it says that
vaccination is one of the most effective way to minimize suffering and death from flu. The flu vaccine is filled with a mercury preservative, Thimerosal that is toxic to humans and has been found to cause autism recently. When questions were raised about the mercury preservative in 2007 and a bill was introduced by congress to ban mercury. George Bush vetoed the bill in October 2007 that would have banned mercury in flu vaccines for children despite the fact that he pledged in 2004 to support such a move when campaigning for re-election. During Bush's reelection campaign in 2004 he stated: "I support the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines on the childhood national vaccine schedule. During a second term as President, I will continue to support increased funding to support a wide variety of research initiatives aimed at seeking definitive causes and/or triggers of autism. It is important to note that while there are many possible theories about causes or triggers of autism, no one material has been definitely included or excluded." Despite this he vetoed the bill that would have removed thimerosal, citing "costs". What costs would these be? Do the costs of big pharmaceutical companies and fat government kickbacks outweigh the costs of the healthy brains of every child in America? Seemingly so. Source: also fear mongers the bird flu. Below is from their Vaccine and Medication section.

Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to minimize suffering and death from flu. However, there is currently no vaccine available to protect humans against the H5N1 avian (bird) flu virus, a virus that is spreading in birds and has occasionally infected people. Once a virus emerges and scientists isolate that virus, production of effective vaccine can begin. Vaccine will be in short supply at the start of a pandemic; more vaccine will become available within four to six months. Even though the exact pandemic virus has not emerged, scientists are making and testing possible vaccines to determine if they work against bird flu.

There is also research into effective antiviral medicines, seeking medications that can effectively reduce the severity of an influenza attack. Antiviral medicines can only be used once a person exhibits symptoms of the flu. Antiviral medicines will be in short supply at the start of a pandemic. The federal government is stockpiling antiviral medicines in the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), Ohio will request a portion of the SNS when it becomes necessary.

Why Is The U.S. Stockpiling Bird Flu Vaccine?

Why Are Tens of Thousands of Plastic “Burial Vaults” Stacked in a Field Near Madison, Georgia?

July 20, 2008

Editor’s note: If you think all of this is simply conspiracy mongering, consider the fact our government indeed repeatedly plans for widespread “bio-terrorist” attacks, most notably Operation Dark Winter, staged nearly three months before the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent anthrax attacks beginning on September 18, 2001. As well, consider the national-level domestic and international TOPOFF exercises, primarily involving biological and chemical attacks.

I have no idea what to make of this one. All of the sites I was able to find that reference this stockpile assume that it has something to do with an upcoming American holocaust and martial law, etc. Again, I have no idea.

Let’s try to work trough this one a bit…

First of all, what are they?

The product is called a “Burial Vault.” They are made by PolyGuard Vaults. Their website describes the product as follows:

A Burial Vault is an outside receptacle or container, in which the casket and remains are placed, at the time of burial. This helps to maintain the above ground aesthetics of the grave site.

Polyguard Burial Vaults are now manufactured using an injection moulding process, and constructed of non-biodegradable, water and chemical resistant polymers.

So, they’re not coffins, but liners in which coffins would be placed before burial.

I did some more research to determine if the government did business with PolyGuard Vaults. Indeed, the U.S. Veterans Administration has been buying Burial Vaults from PolyGuard Vaults for years. Use to look up the contracts. Click the Contracts tab and type in Polyguard.

You can go back to the year 2000. When you use the Level of Detail: Complete (all information) setting, this will show more detail. In the “Contract Description” fields you’ll see: THERMOPLASTIC GRAVELINERS. So, it seems to make sense that the VA would be buying these things…

Here’s a reference with regard to casket burials in a cemetery in Hawaii. This is from the Aloha Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America:

Casket burials now require Polyguard Burial Vault at a cost of $220 for family members and no charge for the Retiree, Veteran or Active Duty personnel. The vaults were required to prevent the burial site from settling and collapsing following the burial.

Anyone looking into this situation in Georgia might find the VA contracts and just think, “Yep, the VA bought them, nothing to see here.” An interesting question would be: How many units did the VA get? I haven’t been able to determine that. If we knew that, we’d be able figure out roughly how many casket burials were happening at VA run cemeteries vs. how many Burial Vaults were ordered. If there was a large difference, well, we would have a pretty good idea of where the extra units went…

Where are they?

They are in a field near Madison, Georgia, just off of Lion’s Club Road and next to (as far as I can tell) a Fowler Flemister Concrete plant. See coordinates: +33° 33′ 57.36″, -83° 29′ 6.26″.

I’ll host a local screen shot of the map above, just in case Google decides to disappear it.

Here’s a video taken at the site:

How many?

I tried to figure out a way to count them, but I couldn’t do it. I felt like my estimates could easily be off by an order of magnitude. To say that it’s tens of thousands is probably conservative.

Who owns the land?

I haven’t been able to figure that out. The legend that I keep running across is that a private individual leased the land to FEMA. I suppose that’s possible, or it could be absolute nonsense. I don’t know. With all of the U.S. Government’s vast land holdings and facilities, FEMA leased this field from someone to store these Burial Vaults??? Again, I suppose that anything is possible.

If these Burial Vaults do belong to FEMA, that would be very interesting. I went through all of the government contracts with PolyGuard going back to 2000 and FEMA hasn’t done any (on the books) business with them. Since 2000, the government contracts that went to PolyGuard were all awarded by the VA.


That’s the question. I have no idea and I haven’t found any good guesses either. The consensus on the foil sites is that these Burial Vaults are to be used in the aftermath of some kind of false flag attack or holocaust/final solution situation. Initially, I thought the same thing, but when I thought about it more carefully, wouldn’t FEMA just stockpile body bags?

The anonymous comments on some sites say that it’s probably related to contingency planning for a natural disaster. Again, wouldn’t FEMA just stockpile body bags?

One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is how much money is represented by this Burial Vault stockpile. The newsletter above puts the cost at $220. I have not been able to determine what the government pays, per unit, but let’s not even assume that $220 is the cost. Let’s say it’s just $100 each. At that rate, ten thousand units would be worth $1 million. So, there’s easily several million dollars worth of inventory sitting in that field.

To the imbeciles who suggest that this is some sort of routine private inventory for a mortuary business (yes, I have seen people suggesting that): There is A) no way that a mortuary company would spend millions of dollars for so many of these at once and B) no way that a mortuary company would leave them sitting unguarded in a field for years.

I’d love for someone to provide a This-Is-Normal-There’s-Nothing-To-See-Here explanation, but so far, I haven’t been able to find such an explanation.

One last thing: This isn’t a new story

Infowars just posted this story and that’s where I saw it, but the earliest reference that I can find to this was from 2006. ATS has a thread from December 2007 that covers this situation.

Survey: 98% Say Parents Should Have Right to Refuse Vaccination of Children

Mike Adams
Natural News
April 8, 2008

A public survey posted on reveals that 98% of survey participants (1919 out of 1954) believe that parents should have the right to refuse vaccinations for their children. The online survey was conducted from April 6 to April 8, and survey respondents were self-selected. A total of 1,954 votes were received at the time of this writing. The survey asked the question, “What should happen to parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated?” The results were as follows: They should be fined: 1% (20 votes) They should be jailed: 0.2% (4 votes) They should have their children taken away: 0.6% (11 votes) Nothing: It’s their right to refuse vaccinations: 98.2% (1919 votes) The survey comes on the heels of the FDA’s approval of a vaccine for diarrhea for children and the growing concern by parents that infants are being given far too many vaccines that may cause health problems due to the combination of multiple chemicals being injected. (The survy is republished at the end of this article, in case you’d like to see the current results or take the survey yourself.) Vaccine promotion as a marketing gimmick Drug companies, meanwhile, are seeking out new “markets” for promoting vaccines, including lobbying state legislators to pass mandatory vaccination laws, spreading fear about the Human Papilloma Virus to promote HPV vaccines, and urging parents to get their babies vaccinated for an ever-increasing number of health concerns — including diarrhea. Intelligent, well-informed parents are increasingly asking, “Do our babies really need so many injections?” The vaccination model of medicine is based on medical mythology promoted by Big Pharma-affiliate health authorities who do not believe the human immune system is able to adequately protect the body without chemical intervention. Vaccine believers — which include most doctors and health officials — insist that the only way the human immune system can properly recognize a potentially dangerous invader (such as a virus) is to intervene by injecting the body with weakened viral elements combined with inflammatory chemicals designed to activate an artificial immune system response. This inflammatory response may be partially responsible for the increase in autism and other diseases following vaccinations. (Some children have died within hours after receiving vaccine injections.) Author Byron Richards recently authored a detailed article explaining this: This medical mythology goes to great lengths to discount the naturopathic view of human health, which says that the human immune system should be supported rather than chemically hijacked, and that when properly supported through healthy foods, nutrition and an absence of chemical toxins, the human immune system is a fantastically effective technology that accurately identifies invading viruses and protects the body with an appropriate immune system response. Allowing the human immune system to do its job also subjects it to stresses that allow an adaptive response to unfold — a response that strengthens the immune system against future threats, significantly lowering the risk of infection in the future. Vaccines, on the other hand, weaken the immune system, denying it the adaptive response it needs to strengthen its defenses against future threats. But vaccine promoting health authorities think the only way to reduce the risk of infection is to administer a never-ending series of vaccination injections: one for each mutation of a virus that might be circulating in the wild. At no point does this pro-vaccine medical mythology believe the human immune system should take over and that vaccines are no longer needed. Rather, it is based on the idea that infants, children, adults and seniors must be subjected to hundreds of different vaccine injections over their lifetime. Each injection, of course, earns revenue for the drug companies that primarily sponsor the continuation of this outmoded medical paradigm.

Most vaccines are medically useless

Clinical studies show that vaccines don’t work on most people. Even winter flu shots are little more than a form of medical Russian roulette, since most vaccines are built to defend against the previous year’s viral strains, not the current year. And that’s if they even work at all: The hard science says that senior citizens who receive vaccine shots have absolutely no reduction whatsoever in their frequency of catching the flu. Vaccines, for the most part, are little more than modern medical quackery. It’s Big Pharma’s version of snake oil. Most vaccines simply don’t work on most people, and some people are harmed or killed by vaccines. And while defenders of vaccines (most of whom are on the take from Big Pharma in one way or another, by the way) may claim that vaccines have eradicated infectious disease in our world over the last century or so, the simple truth is that advances in public sanitation are responsible for virtually all the improvements in infant mortality and the eradication of serious infectious disease. Far from the mission of saving lives, Big Pharma is now pushing vaccines for conditions that pose very little threat to life in the first place. The fact that vaccines are now being pushed to prevent infant diarrhea is a perfect example. If infants are suffering from diarrhea, they need proper nutrition (get off those processed infant formula products!) and immune system support. They do not need to have their immune systems attacked by yet another chemical cocktail injected into their bodies at Big Pharma profit centers (also known as clinics and hospitals). Vaccination is the great medical hoax of our time. One day it will stand alongside mercury fillings, public water fluoridation, antibiotics abuse, the cholesterol “disease” hoax and psychiatric drugs as one of the grandest medical cons ever perpetrated on the American people. Modern medicine has become a system driven almost entirely by profit, not by any genuine desire to save lives. And the promotion of “treatments” is more about sales and marketing than disease prevention. Parents would do well to think twice before submitting their children to vaccines. Remember this: Autism is not reversible. The damage caused by vaccines is permanent. Protect your healthy baby from brain damage or death. Inform yourself about the side effects of vaccines, and find the courage to “just say no” to vaccine quackery.

Inform yourself now

I encourage all parents considering this issue to seek out a qualified naturopathic health practitioner and find your own answers to this vaccination question. Some parents may decide to have one or two vaccines and skip the rest, reducing the total chemical burden on their children. Some may even decide to subject their children to no vaccines whatsoever. The choice is yours. And that’s my point, actually. I believe the choice of vaccination should be up to the parents, not the government. Medical pill-pushers, on the other hand, strenuously disagree. They believe so strongly in their vaccine quackery that they insist parents who refuse to subject their children to an unlimited number of vaccines should be arrested, fined or thrown in prison. That is the view of mainstream medicine, with all its medical schools, “scientific” journals and FDA cheerleading. It is a system of medical imperialism that seeks to overthrow fundamental health freedoms and remove parents from the chain of decision making that determines the health outcome of their own children. Vaccine-pushing doctors and drug companies literally seek to criminalize parents who do not agree with their own distorted opinions on vaccines, and they truly hope to limit consumer choice, restricting parents to a single system of chemical-based medicine that has been arbitrarily designated as the one true system of medical belief by those who stand to gain the most from its adoption. Vaccines, in other words, have been chosen not because they are based on scientific validity, but because they are consistent with the shared illusions that now serve as the very foundation of modern pharmacological medicine: That the human body has no ability protect or heal itself, and that any “real medicine” must come from outside the body, to be forcefully injected where it can override the body’s innate biochemistry and eradicate some real or imagined threat. For doctors to abandon the mythology of vaccines, they would have to throw out their entire (mis)understanding of the human body and start from scratch. And they’re not about to venture down that road unless someone forces them to… because who knows where that road might lead… like, perhaps, to the most frightening of all concepts to vaccine-pushing doctors: Homeopathy! Vaccines are popular in the modern medical community for no reason other than the fact that they support the arrogant notion that doctors do all the healing, not patients. That’s why the continued mythology of vaccines and chemical intervention is so dangerous to human health — because by definition it excludes the acknowledgement of the only pathway to true healing: That the patient is the healer and that achieving lasting health can only be accomplished by supporting the patient’s own internal healing technology… the amazing human immune system! I guarantee you this: My own immune system knows more about my health than any doctor. In fact, my own immune system knows more about my health than my own conscious mind! It is impossible for a human brain to comprehend the miraculous complexity of the underlying immune system technology that protects it.

But are vaccines ever useful?

Of course, there are certain limited situations in which vaccines can be quite useful. If you’re about to work in a class IV biohazard laboratory, where highly aggressive viruses like Ebola or Warburg can kill you in minutes or hours, then receiving a vaccine injection to protect you from these various strains makes good sense because the risk of injury is so high from your professional work that it makes the risk of harm from a vaccine seem small by comparison. But should the public be vaccinated against these highly virulent strains? Of course not. Such strains can never become epidemics for the simple reason that they kill their hosts too quickly. I’m not kidding when I say that the best way to stop the spread of these rare, aggressive outbreaks of viral strains from the Conga is for all the hospital staff to flee into the hills and thereby create distance between themselves. It is an inarguable, well-documented fact that the primary hubs for the spread of such aggressive diseases are, in fact, the hospital workers themselves. Think about it: Where do sick people go first? To the hospital! And that’s where the virus catches hold and starts to spread. The most dangerous place to go during any epidemic is to the hospital. But getting back to babies and mild viral infections, should babies be subjected to the risks of vaccines in order to prevent mild, non-fatal conditions like diarrhea? Of course not. That makes no scientific sense. It does, however, make great marketing sense if you’re a shareholder for one of the companies manufacturing the infant diarrhea vaccines. Funny thing, though: The healthiest children I see are the ones playing in the dirt, wearing no sunscreen, breatfeeding and receiving no vaccine shots whatsoever. It’s all the kids following the modern “scientific” lifestyle that are sick. They’re the ones eating processed foods, drinking corporate-sponsored infant formula, smearing on toxic sunscreen chemicals, chugging artificial sports drinks and getting jabbed with needles all the time. Those are the kids who have allergies and weakened immune systems. Coincidence? You be the judge. I can tell you this, though: If I have children, I would never subject them to any vaccines. And as they grow up healthy, I’ll slap a bumper sticker on my car that reads, “My Vaccine-Free Kid is Smarter than Your Honor Student!”


birdfluman said...

Good article. We need to keep Bird Flu at the forefront of every business manager's mind. It won't go away so better start preparing.

Nigel Thomas
For free references and tools go to Bird Flu Manual Online or, if you need more comprehensive tutorials and templates, consider Bird Flu D-I-Y eManual for business preparedness and survival.

birdfluman said...

Good article. We need to keep Bird Flu at the forefront of every business manager's mind. It won't go away so better start preparing.

Nigel Thomas
For free references and tools go to Bird Flu Manual Online or, if you need more comprehensive tutorials and templates, consider Bird Flu D-I-Y eManual for business preparedness and survival.